Anasayfa School Managers Founder Manager

Founder Manager : BAHA ÖTEN

    I am so proud and happy to see that Private Gündoğdu College we established 45 years ago is still serving to Turkish National Education System as a privileged and honorable institution.

   We established this school from nothing by the supports of parents during a time that private schools are almost not known in Konya nor in Turkey.
    The key factor to catch this success is that we have never looked back but always look forward. We have never been satisfied by the current and past achievements but always target future and better achievements.

    Private Gündoğdu College is a big family with its teachers, students, parents and workers. Dedicated efforts of all members of this family have made this institution a shining star and a role model for newly establishing institutions for 45 years.I believe from heart that this togetherness will remain for much more 45 years and this school will educate many generations who are following Atatürk's revolutions, supporting Turkish customs and culture, honest, sophisticated and well equipped.

    I thankfully mention by colleagues that we have started this journey together, express my gratitudes to parents of our all students and wish them all healthy, successful and happy days in future.