Anasayfa School Managers General Manager

General Manager : M.GÜVEN ÖTEN

It is a great honor and happiness to work in a school carrying the title of “first private school of Konya founded 45 years ago”.

Private Gündoğdu College is not only the firstly established school in Konya but also a school that always acted as a “pioneer” among its equals.

Our school;

* First school teaching with a foreign language
* First school with Turkish Standard Institute Quality Certificate
* Konya's first, Turkey's seventh school with ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certificate
* First school with a “White Flag” that is given by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health evaluating the cleanliness-hygiene standards of schools.
* First School with “Nutrition Friend School” certificate given by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health given to schools for their attention to students' nutrition.
* Best example of 3 different European Union Comenius Projects.
* First school hosting a Comenius Assistant
    The vision of our school is to create generations who are strictly bounded to Atatürk's principals and revolution, dedicated to life long active learning, sophisticated, wise, intercultural, incredulous, open minded, close to technology, and well equipped in all fields of life.

    With the dedicated efforts of the best teachers among their fields we are always ready to bring up students suitable to this vision.

    Our motivation is always live as the first day.